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Messages from International Students

Take a step forward at Doshisha = Access to the world
Z・J  (Home Country: China)
Admitted to Graduate School of Commerce
*Passed the entrance examination for international students

The moment I read on Doshisha University’s website that the name of the university means “the association of people with common aims”, the words got to my heart. Fascinated by the name, I entered the Bekka program with the determination of “jumping off the stage of Kiyomizu Temple”. More than one year of study at the Bekka program has not only improved my Japanese skills dramatically, but also broadened my perspective infinitely. Beyond the differences of age, religion and nationality, we students gathered here for our shared interest in Japan and have enjoyed exchanging each other’s cultures using our imperfect Japanese and gestures. For example, when we were discussing various current affairs in the debate class, my classmates gave opinions that would not usually come to my mind. That was when I witnessed the meaning of “globalization”, the word so often talked about by the public. The Bekka program at Doshisha University is literally a miniature of the world. Through studying at Doshisha, I’ve come to believe that if you bring yourself to make a step forward and carry it through to the end with no regrets, good things await you on the other side of the door in life. I became convinced that Doshisha is the other fundamental place in my life. “Studying abroad” equals to approaching to the world. Doshisha University is a shortcut to the world, with its full support to international students such as counseling services and scholarships. Don’t hesitate to join me at Doshisha and follow dreams together.

Treasure in your life
Y・R  (Home Country: China)
Admitted to Department of Policy Studies, Faculty of Policy Studies
*Passed the entrance examination for international students

When I decided to study in Japan two years ago, I chose Kyoto as my destination without hesitation as it’s the most Japanese city. Imadegawa Campus is located at the heart of the ancient capital of Kyoto. The brochure of the university had pictures showing its unique location, such as cherry blossoms blooming under Western style buildings and Kyoto Imperial Palace and Shokoku-ji Temple visible just outside the main gate, and I was attracted by the university’s educational environment that offers both Western and traditional Japanese cultures.  At the Bekka program, I acquired a lot more than just Japanese language skills. The teachers are always there to listen empathetically to your study and life problems like a reliable friend does. You have opportunities to make Japanese friends as well as to audit classes at the undergraduate or graduate level. Students from all over the world study here together. Not only our nationalities, languages and races but also our backgrounds, experiences, ages and hobbies are different. Communicating in Japanese with such diverse group of friends gives you a lot more knowledge, which I’m sure will be a treasure in your life.  I was very lucky that I decided to study at the Bekka program of Doshisha University. I have passed the entrance examination for international students through recommendation of the Bekka Program and started my study as a regular student of Doshisha University as I hoped. So I am sure you will not regret studying at the Bekka program.

Come to Kyoto, Come to Doshisha
K・P  (Home Country: Turkmenistan)
Completed the “Preparatory Japanese Language Program”
Enrolled into Graduate School of Business, Global MBA Program /MEXT Scholarship K. P

My name is Kuvvat Purmyradov, from Turkmenistan. I have had the honor of being the first and the only, for now, to represent my country here in Doshisha University. And I feel very lucky to have this chance to be enrolled in this excellent University.
With its modern buildings equipped with cutting edge technology Doshisha University is probably one of the most beautiful schools of Japan that I have seen so far.
I came to Doshisha, at first, I attended the “Preparatory Japanese Language Program” offered by Center for Japanese Language and Culture. Although the program was a five months course of Japanese language, I learned a lot within that period both in Japanese language and culture. In the beginning I was very worried if I could manage to learn, but soon I realized that Japanese was not as difficult as it seemed at first. Here I must mention about our teachers of Japanese. Our teachers were more like friends than just a teacher. In addition to Japanese, they provided us with important and essential information concerning Japan, its traditions, culture, customs, daily life and so on. We would go to museums, festivals or just dine out together, which gave us a good opportunity to practice and apply our knowledge outside the classroom. Thanks to our teachers, their excellent and diverse teaching methodology, their efforts, and the curriculum, I can now communicate in Japanese quite well. Speaking Japanese makes me feel different.
Now, I am in the Global MBA program of Doshisha Graduate School of Business. With its world class faculty, staff, and rigorous curriculum, the GMBA program truly provides a challenging environment allowing top notch students from diverse backgrounds to optimize their learning experience. It is a very professional and very well organized program, and a great way to bring people with various backgrounds from all over the world together. It's a great opportunity to make new friends, build networks, and develop personal and professional skills. For international students like me, it is an opportunity to gain exposure to Japan and to progress your career from a domestic one to an international one. Furthermore, I am thankful to the MBA program for bestowing me with great friends and brilliant professors that I will treasure my whole life.
And of course it would be unwise not to mention about Kyoto, where Doshisha university is located, turns out to be one of the most attractive and unforgettable cities in my memories. If you want to experience and enjoy history, culture, modern life, natural beauty at the same time come to Kyoto, come to Doshisha.