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Welcome-and-farewell party for international students held on April 15, 2010.


We had a welcome-and-farewell party for international students at Kyoto Tower Hotel on April 15.
The party was held to welcome new students who enrolled in Doshisha University this spring, and also, to bid farewell to students of Associated Kyoto Program (AKP) Center and students of Kyoto Consortium for Japanese Studies.

Among those who attended the party were: newly-enrolled regular students of Undergraduate Schools and Graduate Schools; exchange students and Bekka students of the Center for Japanese Language and Culture; students of AKP Center; students of Tubingen University Center for Japanese Language; students of Stanford Center for Technology and Innovation; students of Kyoto Consortium for Japanese Studies; and students of the University of Sheffield Doshisha Center. Some students gave koto (Japanese harp) performance and speeches.

A large number of Professors and Faculty members, including our President, Professor Hatta, attended the party, and the President gave a welcome and farewell speech to the students.

More than 300 attendees spent a pleasant time in a friendly atmosphere.