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Call for Volunteers

Kojima Naoko-sensei from Center for General and Liberal Education is looking for student volunteers who can help local students to learn English.

Applicants need not necessarily be native English speakers, but should meet both of the following requirements: 1) those who can communicate in English during class, 2) those who can express their opinions logically in English (they must have experiences of giving presentation, academic writing, or debate in English).

Volunteer roles:

  • To give local students some advice about sentence structure and logicality in presentation / debate script
  • To be an audience of the presentation
  • To participate in the discussion
  • To share the experience of study abroad

Class hour: 6th period (18:25-19:55), Monday-Thursday
Classroom: RY318 (Ryoshin-kan)
Contact: KOJIMA, Naoko (Ms.) nkojima@mail.doshisha.ac.jp

  • Please email Kojima-sensei at least one day before your desired day of volunteer participation.
  • Student volunteers do not need to visit classes at the same hour every week.
  • Thursday’s class is composed of 6 local students, 10 to 15 students each in Mon-Wed’s classes.
■Center for Japanese Language and Culture
 ( 5th Floor Kofukan )