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Doshisha University is now establishing new courses that international students can obtain degrees with all classes held in English.


The Institute for the Liberal Arts ( The Liberal Arts Program )

The Institute for the Liberal Arts (formerly the Institute for International Education) at Doshisha University represents a coming together of world-class approaches to university liberal arts education. The Institute has a private American liberal arts college atmosphere and educational approach (Doshisha’s founder was a student at Amherst College, Massachusetts from 1867-1870 and our institutions are sister schools today). We combine this approach with an emphasis on building partnerships between students and professors in small classes all conducted in the English language.
The Institute’s professors are all innovators within their own fields. Seeking out new paths to apply their research, they see interdisciplinary perspectives as essential components of a fully integrated liberal arts education. These approaches towards achieving a world-class academic, social and educational student experience are put forward in combination with the Institute’s unique Kyoto setting which inspires personal reflection and spiritual growth.
These are all factors that Doshisha University has enshrined in its founding principles as crucial for the development of fully rounded individuals ready to contribute to global society.

Go to http://ila.doshisha.ac.jp/

International Science and Technology Course

This is a brand new course created by two existing graduate schools, the Graduate School of Engineering and the Graduate School of Life and Medical Sciences and students can learn about technology from the perspective of these two fields. This course aims to nurture students who can achieve a leadership role in the global arena with the skills of Japanese technological management and language proficiency.
Under Doshisha’s founding philosophy of “conscience education”, students are expected to become accomplished technologists who have developed sound ethics in addition to mastery of their field's knowledge and techniques.
The International Science and Technology Course has six majors: Information and Computer Science, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Applied Chemistry, Science of Environment and Mathematical Modeling, and Life and Medical Sciences. The basic subjects are designed to build a solid foundation in the basic technological skills and understanding required for specialized subjects in each major.
The course has various classes for students with little or no Japanese language ability. For these students, the International Science and Technology Course offers many specialized subjects taught in English as well as elective classes for learning Japanese language and culture.
Students who are fluent in speaking Japanese are also eligible to take additional courses taught in Japanese to further develop their technological knowledge and techniques.

Go to http://istc.doshisha.ac.jp/

Global MBA Course

Go to http://gmba.doshisha.ac.jp/

Graduate School of Global Studies

Go to http://global-studies.doshisha.ac.jp/english/

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