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CJLC Program for Exchange Students ("Nichibun" Program) : Curriculum

Courses and Credits

The Center for Japanese Language and Culture offers Japanese language courses, Japanese and English Seminars, Lectures in Japanese Studies and International Studies. The program considers a class that meets two hours once a week (x 15 weeks) as one or two credits.

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Japanese Language Courses

The Japanese language courses are generally divided into nine different levels (elementary level, upper elementary level, pre-intermediate level, intermediate level, upper intermediate level, pre-advanced level, advanced level, upper advanced level and high advanced level) and students are placed according to their ability. The Japanese language courses are designed to develop the four basic skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. There are also courses that specifically emphasize reading comprehension as well as written and oral expression. The program attempts to reinforce and develop what students have studied through frequent and efficient exercises to make their daily life and studies run smoothly. The level all students start at is based on their placement test score (written and oral), which is conducted at the beginning of each semester.

Please click here for a description of the different levels.

Japanese and English Language Seminars

Japanese Language Seminars conducted at different levels of ability enable students to prepare for “Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT)” and “Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU)”. English Language Seminars are designed to help students who intend to take university entrance exams.

Click here for more information on the Japanese and English Language Seminars.

Lecture Courses in Japanese Studies

“Lecture Courses in Japanese Studies”offer the students the opportunities to study and analyze Japan from various perspectives, such as its language, arts, philosophy, religion, law, politics, economy, history, life and society. A wide variety of courses, including extracurricular activities, are offered to deepen students’ understanding of Japan. Some of these courses are conducted in languages other than Japanese, such as English, German, Spanish and Chinese.

Lecture Courses in International Studies

“Lecture Courses in International Studies”have been designed to deepen the student’s knowledge and understanding about international education. These courses cover a wide range of academic field including Religion, History, Business and Media. Lectures are partly conducted in languages other than Japanese.

Credit Load

Maximum course credit load is 20 credits.
Students whose language levels are considered to be sufficient will be allowed to attend lectures with Japanese students at undergraduate programs, or graduate schools. However, the classes and subjects that those are allowed to attend will be determined according to their Japanese language abilities. In some cases, seminar classes and specialized subjects are also only open to undergraduate / graduate students.

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