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Short-Term Program

Summer Session (Japanese Language and Cultural Studies)

Center for Japanese Language and Culture, Doshisha University offers a short term, two-week-long, program in summer. Participants will learn "Japanese Language" and "Traditional Culture and Life in Kyoto". Japanese language classes will help you to develop comprehensive language skills, and participants will learn the peculiar traditions and culture of Kyoto in “Traditional Culture and Life in Kyoto” classes.
Each class is usually kept to a small group, and the participants will have supporting system by students of Doshisha University and Doshisha Women's College of Liberal Arts, such as helping discussion sessions in Japanese culture classes. Additionally, some events are organized to interact with those students.

Report: “Doshisha Summer Session 2023” (organized by Center for Japanese Language and Culture)

Center for Japanese Language and Culture hosted “Doshisha Summer Session 2023” conducted online for two weeks, from July 17, 2023 to July 28. This online program was held sequentially last year and we had 9 participants this time from Korea and China.

Japanese Kimono Culture


Life in Kyomachiya and the four seasons in Kyoto


Cultural exchange through origami


Cultural exchange through origami


Completion Ceremony

The program was composed of Japanese language classes as well as Japanese culture classes “Traditional Culture and Life in Kyoto”. In order to further the study of Japanese traditional culture, guest lectures were also carried out: “Zazen” by Kameyama Hakuitsu Osho, the chief priest of Kongozan Homan-ji, “Japanese Kimono Culture” by Mr. Takada Hiroshi, the third-generation president of Komonya Takada Katsu, specialist in Komon and “Life in Kyomachiya and the four seasons in Kyoto” by Ms. Tanaka Mineko, owner of Tondaya 13 generation.

All students participated in the two-week program without missing a single class and gave presentations on their chosen themes as the final result of their studies.

The participants had some opportunities to interact with 22 volunteer students from Doshisha University. Japanese students joined some classes to help the participants’ studies as volunteers. Cultural exchange through origami (Making Uchiwa ; Japanese fan) with volunteer students was also held. The students showed their elaborately decorated creations each other and enjoyed a moment of exchange through origami. The students also enjoyed the opportunity to interact with each other through free talks led by some volunteer students.

We had hoped that the "Traditional Culture and Life in Kyoto" class would have led to new discoveries for the students, but it seems that they learned much more than that. We had a lot of positive feedback from the participants such as,
“I learned about the "Japanese spirit" from a class on Life in Kyomachiya.”
“From the kimono class, I learned that kimono is not something formal, but a garment that allows one to enjoy the colors, patterns, and materials of the four seasons with a free spirit.”

“In the zazen class, I learned how to sit still and breathe, and was able to experience "Zen" in my mind. ”
They also commented that "learning about different cultures leads to a better understanding of the country and mutual respect.

Regarding Japanese language classes, some participants added comments such as,
“The teachers' meticulous lesson planning and excellent teaching skills allowed me to concentrate on the course even though it was online.”
“The final presentation was nerve-wracking, but I made it through.”
The students must have had a great sense of accomplishment from giving presentations in front of many people based on what they learned at the summer session.

Many expressed a desire for next year's summer session to be held in person, saying, "If it is held in person, I would love to attend and experience a taste of the real Kyoto. Center for Japanese Language and Culture hopes to plan a highly satisfactory program that meets the needs of the participants.

Doshisha University Summer Session 2023 (Online)